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When “sustainable fashion” could be a latest buss word for the most of us, C Sekar was not just familiar with term but he also creating the same, decades ago!
At the age of 13 Sekar started to work with handloom. When he was 12 years, he hit upon the concept of producing Natural Fiber Saris. He wanted to try something new and he heard about banana fiber and after several attempts he was able to wrap and weft rest is history, today he can extract yarn from 25 natural fiber!
Sekar, who has been a weaver for over three decades now, decided to turn to natural fibers to create more awareness about eco-friendly fabrics. He found ways to extract fibers from unusual ingredients like pineapple, vetiver roots, sorrel leaves, and hemp among others.
Aanafit is an Eco friendly natural fibers based textile company. The company is founded and lead by Mr.Raja Sekhar Mamillapalli and Mr.C.Sekhar. The apparel produced are more cost effective and environmental friendly. It also absorbs less heat.

• To be the largest producer of fiber yarn
• To be able to extract yarn from at least 50 natural fibers

Process of extracting Fiber.
A plank of slit banana stem layer on flat surface to scrap it with the sharp blade of a knife. This action eliminates all the fleshy part and juices in the stem, leaving behind only the bare fibres. These fibres are then pulled out and collected, and dried in the sun to make them firm and strong. The collected mass of fibres is then spun into yarn, which is then wound over a spindle. Thereafter, the yarn is mixed with cotton threads and dyed in natural colours. They are then mounted on looms, to begin weaving alluring saris and fabrics. The woven fabrics are then treated with herbs to make them skin-friendly.
Handwoven 'herbal' sari. The unique sari is spun with cotton yarn, which is dyed with natural colors and is immersed into a liquid paste made of tulsi, neem and turmeric. The medicinal properties of these plants act as remedy for all kinds of skin diseases.
Handloom saris may be all the rage but a 'herbal' sari, infused with tulsi, neem and turmeric, is setting a new yardstick for the traditional Indian drape.

• Sekar has trained close 1000 weaver across India on fiber extraction in the places like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and North east

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Unique handloom sarees are weaved with medicinal plants, banana , bamboo and other natural fibers


Made from unique type of eco-friendly fibre obtained from the kapok tree.

Running Fabrics

From 25 varieties of natural fiber

Handmade products in natural Fiber

Fancy Bags, Shopping Bags , Coasters , Fruit baskets, wall decorative, plant holder


The effort of the company has been recognized and appreciated by different publication and TV channels of the country. The company achieved several milestones in short period.

The company has been included in the Limca book of record for producing a saree from 25 different natural fibers.

The company was the winner of Parivartan sustainability leadership awards 2011 for ‘Exceptional Leadership in Catalyzing Sustainability’ in the apparel and textile sector

NRCB award for innovative materials in textile making.

Way Forward

Attention and awareness to be spread amongst youth so they can opt for applying their learning’s in the textile industry.

Undivided support to the handloom community and expanding the uniqueness of the project to not just local markets but also the international market.

Train and develop Women Self Help Group

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